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Cheers to good health and wealth! Thumbnail

Cheers to good health and wealth!

Tap into the growing demand for non-alcoholic beer, wine and cocktails.

Summer is a great time to join friends for outdoor patio, pool party and barbecue fun that includes lots of great food and plenty of cold beverages. And when it comes to drinks, there’s more choice than ever thanks to growing consumer demand for no-alcohol options.

According to Nielsen Research, as more people re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol, the low- and no-alcohol beverage sector is responding, recording a whopping growth rate of 506 per cent since 2015.[1] When you ask people about their interest in no-alcohol choices beyond water and soda, frequent responses include desiring to live a healthier lifestyle, simply losing interest in drinking alcohol altogether and curiosity about non-alcoholic alternatives.[2]

This growing interest has also generated some buzz around a new phrase that you can add to your lexicon: sober curious.

Under the influence

Sober curious has its origins in the one-month challenge – abstaining for a dry “pick your favourite month” as the foundation of a health and wellness reset. Examining your personal relationship with alcohol just makes sense, especially when you consider that the long-term health risks associated with excessive drinking include cancer, heart problems and memory issues. In Canada, new national guidelines recommend that adults limit alcohol consumption to no more than two standard drinks per week. A standard drink is considered to be a bottle of beer or cider, a glass of wine or a shot glass of spirits.[3]

The social “drinking” scene also appears to be changing. Whether it was a house party, a wedding or a night out on the town, beer, wine and cocktails used to be front and centre. But the interest in imbibing spirits appears to be lower among younger generations.

A survey of consumption habits finds that generation Z adults and millennials choose non-alcoholic drink options more often, compared to gen X and boomer populations.[4]

Rise of the mocktail

As more people choose to consume less alcohol, innovation is also reaching new heights as the beverage industry pivots to adjust to changing tastes. The global market for non-alcoholic beer is expected to double over the next decade,[5] mocktail creativity is trending with young and old alike, and alcohol-free social zones are starting to pop up.

Establishments that cater exclusively to the sober curious can now be found in some major centres, offering everything you’d expect from a fancy night on the town, minus the alcohol and morning-after hangover. And today’s no-alcohol cocktails aren’t your typical Shirley Temple. Brimming with imagination and flavour, these drinks offer something for everyone’s tastes.

Think about offering these mocktail options at your next summer get-together, and contribute to the delight of the growing sober-curious crowd.

Beer and wine options

If a cold brew or chilled glass of rosé or white wine meets your definition of refreshment, look for some of these non-alcoholic options.

Sober Carpenter Belgian White. With hints of orange and coriander, this hazy Belgian-style beer pairs well with seafoods and salad.

Nonny Czech Pilsner. Brewed in Vancouver, this no-alcohol pilsner is light and fresh with a slightly bitter finish.

BSA Raspberry Sour. A fruity raspberry sour beer made with wheat, barley, hops and raspberries. All the flavour – none of the alcohol.

Oddbird Spumante Rosé. A sparking no-alcohol wine combining Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with hints of Granny Smith apple, summer berries and citrus.

Smoky Bay Chardonnay. This Australian no-alcohol wine import is bottled in Canada and boasts just the right balance of buttery tones, oak and sweetness.

Whatever your favourite tipple, there’s never been a greater selection of tasty zero-alcohol alternatives available online, at local food outlets and even at stores where you’d typically buy beer, wine and spirits. Here’s to your good health!






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